Stronger Employees, Stronger Organization.

Your organization is only as strong as your weakest link. Thousands of data records are stolen every day, and the number is only going to grow as hackers continue to refine their tradecraft, we must do the same.

Seamlessly pass your next audit by preparing your staff with training services from Allegheny Digital. No matter how secure you think your organization is, you can always get stronger. We offer a variety of security training and solutions to ensure your team can safeguard your company’s most precious asset, your reputation.


Train your staff utilizing best practices.

Mitigating security risks and maintaining a resilient IT infrastructure demands a competent staff, well versed in both defensive and offensive security techniques. Our information security training services enables us to make information security a core competency within your organization, regardless of size. Whether you have 5 employees, or 5,000 or more, we provide a program that will raise your organization’s cyber IQ and make your employees an informed first line of defense. We should know, our team serves as instructors for the SANS Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and the CERT Coordination Center and we routinely develop and deliver courseware aimed at board members, corporate executives, analysts, and staff.

On-Demand Services

The expertise, resources and tools you need, whenever you need them most.

Running your business is all about making the right decisions at the right time. The most successful organizations are there for a reason – they have the expertise to make critical decisions when they need to be made. However, most businesses can’t afford senior level expertise on a full-time basis. Stop making mission-critical decisions on your own with on-demand services from Allegheny Digital. Our on-demand services provide the resources, expertise and tools you need, whenever you need them most.

Executive Cybersecurity Training

An informed perspective for today’s business leaders.

Today’s c-suite requires that board members and executives recognize that they are a target, access to their computing assets and communications may be of significant interest to organized crime, hacktivists, state sponsored adversaries, and corporate insiders. It’s critical that leadership maintain an informed perspective regarding the cybersecurity issues impacting their organization as well as their own personal use of technology.

Allegheny Digital understands the high-stakes of protecting sensitive data sets and systems and how these responsibilities can uniquely impact board members, executives, and corporate leadership. Our executive focused training provides an up-to-date informed perspective for today’s business leaders and can be customized to fit your needs – delivered privately in one-on-one training sessions or as part of an executive retreat.