Managed Services

Virtual CISO

Expert security knowledge is just a click away.

A clear message of where your organization’s security stands, where it can go, and how to get it there demands the experience and expertise of a proven security leader. And generally, you either have it or you don’t.

Today we have access to an impressive array of security technologies, standards, training and best practices. Yet so many competing options, priorities, and opinions can lead to the “Fog of More” and paralyze an enterprise from taking needed action. Let us help you! Our team has former security leaders from a variety of industries, with well-earned and proven expertise, we understand cybersecurity risk and can apply our knowledge to provide you with expert security guidance and leadership to help you strategize, plan and obtain your cybersecurity objectives.

Continuous Security Assessment as a Service

Managed Application Source Code Analysis

Source code based vulnerabilities can be difficult to identify via dynamic testing and automated static analysis. Proper identification require expertise with not only common vulnerability patterns and exploitation techniques at an implementation level, but also many different languages, frameworks, and coding practices. Allegheny Digital utilizes manual and automated processes to identify vulnerabilities within the source code of your application, thoroughly evaluating the application’s security posture, observing how it stands up against an attack by using the source code as a basis for analysis.

Our services can be integrated into your DevSecOps pipeline on a managed basis, or simply as a point in time need, accounting for your application’s approach to key security issues such as:

  • Architecture, Design, and Threat Modeling
  • Authentication and Authorization Validation
  • Session Management
  • Data Validation, Sanitization, and Protection
  • Cryptographic Functions
  • Software Bill of Materials
  • Error Handling and Logging
  • Attack Surface Minimization
  • API and Web Service Validation

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Inadequate software development and misconfigured systems mean vulnerabilities emerge daily within many of today’s production networks, applications, and databases. Let us help you by performing proven, accurate vulnerability scanning of your internal and external networks, servers, IoT devices, web applications, and cloud-based environments to identify and correct technical weaknesses before an adversary does. We can also perform source code reviews to improve upon existing DevSecOps processes.

Allegheny Digital’s on-demand vulnerability scanning service is fully managed by our team of dedicated security professionals and can quickly scale to your needs – eliminating administrative overhead and letting you focus on managing the core priorities of your business.

Managed Penetration Testing

High profile security breaches are the new norm. Yet, many organizations are relying on outdated techniques and traditional assessments alone to identify their weaknesses. Gauge real-world effectiveness of your security posture by enlisting the help of Allegheny Digital’s managed penetration testing.

Our services mimic an attacker’s intent on initiating unauthorized transactions, accessing critical information, financial records and other sensitive information to expose the effectiveness of your security controls in real world situations. End your dependency on vulnerability scans. Our cloud-based managed penetration testing service utilizes ethical techniques and authorized controlled exploitation so you know exactly where your business stands.

Configuration Compliance and Management

Default configurations for operating systems and applications are often geared towards ease-of-use and not security. The use of clear-text protocols, multiple open ports, default accounts, and vulnerable protocols are easily exploited in their default state.

Utilizing vetted best practice cybersecurity benchmarks, A|D can test your environment against thousands of configurations – covering Windows, Unix, network infrastructure, databases, and cloud-based applications and containers in addition to fully customized controls. We can collaboratively assist your business with establishing hardened versions of your underlying technologies and limit configuration drift over time through managed analysis and reporting.